Tea, Herb & Milk Soaps
Natural Ingredients, Naturally Better

ORANGE ZEST benefits the skin in numerous ways, such as ...

It helps cleanse the skin and open the pores.

It also helps remove any darkening of the skin as a result of tanning or sun exposure.

It helps fight skin infections, and protects the skin from dryness.

It makes the skin supple, soft, and bright. This happens because the citric acid in the peel acts as a bleaching agent and helps lighten the skin.

It also helps fight acne and helps prevent it from recurring often. The reason being that the peel cleanses the pores from within, which is why no excess oil, dead cells or dirt remains clogged within them.

It is excellent for people who have dry skin and those who have wrinkles, as the peel helps reduce the wrinkles over time.

It also helps reduce scars which may have been left behind by acne, or minor scratches and burns.


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Tea, Herb & Milk Soaps