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CINNAMON Cinnamon is loaded with polyphenols, powerful antioxidants that fight free radicals.

The anti-inflammatory properties of cinnamon can help ease different kinds of swelling. When you use cinnamon along with other spices and food, you can enjoy a cumulative anti-inflammatory effect.

The anti-fungal, antioxidant and anti-bacterial properties of cinnamon makes it useful against acne and skin blemishes. Cinnamon can also help remove acne by drying out the skin and by supporting blood flow to the skin.

Cinnamon improves blood flow to the surface of the skin, resulting in a moist skin.

Cinnamon helps reduce dry skin by removing dead skin cells and helping reinstate the softness of your skin.

Eczema is a condition in which skin gets inflamed and irritated. Such skin conditions leave behind light-colored patches. Cinnamon could provide relief from eczema.

Thanks to the antifungal and antibacterial properties, cinnamon helps in enhancing skin complexion.

Cinnamon also brings blood to the skin surface, causing minor plumping. You can use this to get rid of fine lines.


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Tea, Herb & Milk Soaps